Do I need a double-layer facemask?

While the UK Governments are relaxing the lockdown restrictions this month, one thing that is likely to stay is the mandatory wearing of facemasks.

Britons have become used to keeping one – or even several – facemasks close at hand. As they are needed in nearly every indoor space as well as some outdoor ones.

With non-essential retail and other activities opening up in the coming months, it is very likely you will need to keep a spare facemask in your pocket or bag to wear when out and about.

Manuka Doctor’s facemask is classified as a Double Layer Mask. It is made from polyester with a soft cotton inner and includes a filter pocket. Meaning you can add a tissue or extra layer to make it a three-layer mask if you wish.

In an interview in the Daily Mail, Public Health England's Dr Susan Hopkins commented that the “more layers you have the better”.

The comment came in response to a question about the effectiveness of wearing two masks together - a technique known as 'double masking'.

The technique has become popular in America, where President Joe Biden and top medical official Dr Anthony Fauci have regularly been seen doubling up their masks, by wearing two at a time.

However Dr Hopkins last night said the current guidance in the UK is to wear a single mask with at least two or three layers.

She said: 'What we recommend is at least two layers and ideally three layers in a mask.

“That is really important to reduce the virus transmission both from you to others and others to you”

The right type to buy

It’s important to make sure any facemask is tight against your skin, as this will prevent your glasses steaming up if you wear them.

That’s one of the reasons why Manuka Doctor’s facemask includes adjustable ear straps. So you can make the mask tighter (or looser) in order to get the perfect fit.

And so far our mask has been receiving excellent reviews, with 63 customers giving it an average of 4/5 stars out of 5.

Here’s what customers are saying:

“Best fitting mask I have bought, completely covers nose and mouth with no gaps all and I can breathe too.”
Ann J
“First mask I can actually breath properly in highly recommended need a few more now”
Lisa D
“This is one of the most comfortable masks that I have bought and worn over the past year. Due to the quality of the mask, I do feel a higher level of protection. This mask looks great and allows you to breathe more naturally.”
Simone R