Manuka Honey and Acid Reflux: New Scientific Study Recommends Manuka

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There's good news if you suffer with acid reflux.

That’s because Manuka honey could help your symptoms, according to a study in the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition.

Acid reflux – the feeling of a burning sensation in your chest - is also known as gastro-esophageal reflux disease or GERD for short.

If you've ever had a burning or sour taste in your mouth after a big meal, you’ll know the feeling and it is not very pleasant!

Acid Reflux

Researchers tested 30 people suffering from GERD or acid reflux and gave half Manuka honey for four weeks and the other half a placebo honey, which was not Manuka.

Before and after this four-week period, scientists did some medical checks. They looked inside patient’s stomachs with an endoscope to see if there was any damage from the acid. They also did another test to check tissue, called histology, and asked people how they felt.

The Results: Manuka helped with Acid Reflux

When looked at from the inside with the camera, about 73% of participants showed that things had got better. When they looked closely at the tissue samples, the people taking Manuka honey improved too. The people who took the placebo didn’t do nearly as well.

Even people who said that they weren't taking medicine showed improvements with Manuka honey, which is something indeed. Also, the patients shared how they felt during the study, and the ones who took Manuka reported feeling great.

After two weeks, almost 87% of them felt better, and after four weeks, all of them did. The placebo group? Only a little over a quarter felt better after two weeks and just 40% after four weeks.

So, why does Manuka possibly work for acid reflux? Scientists think that it helps because of its special anti-microbial properties which are found in high levels due to the presence of MGO.

Manuka Honey

In conclusion, Manuka honey seems to be effective in helping GERD acid reflux. And Manuka honey combined with proper diet and drugs (proton-pump inhibitors) could be a triple therapy regime for GERD.

Future work on the benefits of Manuka Honey for GERD

The researchers commented this study was just the starting point. They’re hoping to test it with more people to make sure that Manuka honey can be a go-to for everyone with GERD and acid reflux problems.

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