Manuka Honey FAQs

Advice and answers for frequently asked questions about Manuka Honey. If we can assist further please contact us and our honey experts will be happy to help.

Is Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey from New Zealand?

All of our Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey is 100% New Zealand Honey. All of our Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey is tested in New Zealand and certified by the New Zealand government as New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Our Manuka Honey is packed in New Zealand before being transported to the UK.

Is Manuka honey good for you?

Real Manuka honey contains high levels of a natural compound called Methylglyoxal (or MGO). MGO has anti-bacterial properties, which means it can kill bad bugs and bacteria. Manuka Doctor’s honey displays the MGO rating on the front of every pot.

Does Manuka honey work?

Manuka honey is one of the most famous superfoods in the world. Well researched and independently certified. To see if it could work for you, why not read some of our 50,000 verified reviews from Manuka Doctor customers.

Can Manuka honey help a cold?

Real Manuka contains naturally high levels of Methylglyoxal or MGO. It’s MGO which provides an anti-bacterial effect, i.e. kill bacteria. You can read how Manuka Doctor honey helps other customers in our verified reviews.

Will Manuka honey help a cough?

Experts including Public Health England and NICE all agree that all honey can help a cough – but Manuka honey also contains naturally high levels of Methylglyoxal or MGO which has an anti-bacterial effect.

What’s the best Manuka honey rating?

This depends on two things, how much anti-bacterial effect you want to get, and how much you are prepared to spend. That’s because higher grade Manuka is harder to harvest and more rare, which means it is more expensive to buy. Thankfully Manuka Doctor always has special offers every month to give you better value.

Does Manuka honey go off?

While all Manuka Doctor honey must carry an expiry date to meet UK labelling laws, honey in general does not “go bad”. In fact honey was even found well-preserved for thousands of years in ancient tombs! Manuka honey does not need to be kept in the fridge, but we do advise you keep it in a cool, dark place, to keep it in a perfect state for eating.

Can I take Manuka honey everyday?

Certainly! After eating, Manuka honey will slowly travel down your throat and into your stomach. It’s not a medicine so there is no upper limit or prescribed dose. We find most customers enjoy a spoonful or two everyday.

Is Manuka honey good for wounds?

Using Manuka honey for wound care is an area which has been well studied. The principal is that Manuka honey contains an anti-bacterial compound, which means it has the power to kill bugs and bacteria. Many customers do use Manuka honey onto wounds in this way.

What are the benefits of buying Manuka honey direct?

When you buy from Manuka Doctor it’s like buying direct from the bee-keeper. We do not operate any shops ourselves, meaning you can benefit by cutting out the middle man and getting cheaper prices when you buy directly from the brand itself.

Is Manuka honey going to help with my condition?

There are several studies looking at the affect of taking Manuka honey on the body, so this depends very much on the reason you are wanting to try it. Head over to this blog which explains the science around Manuka honey.

How does Manuka honey taste?

Manuka honey has a different taste to normal table honey. It’s darker, thicker and more creamy. Many people describe it as having a woody taste. It’s less sweet than table honey, and won’t dribble out of the jar like you may expect! Genuine Manuka is thick and may have small granules.

Is Manuka Doctor honey raw?

Yes, Manuka Doctor Honey is raw Manuka. Our honey is 100% Genuine Manuka with nothing added and nothing taken away. All we do to our honey is lightly filter it to remove any remaining parts of wax from the bee-hive. It is then lightly stirred which helps break down any natural sugar crystals and provide a more even texture, before being packed into jars in our New Zealand base.

Is Manuka Doctor UMF certified

Manuka Doctor is a member of the UMF membership society, but currently only our products in New Zealand itself carry the UMF logo and UMF rating. We expect this to roll out in to other markets in time. Meanwhile, the UMF rating and MGO number of any Manuka does correlate, so you can match both scales to find your perfect product.

You can shop our UMF rated HNZ Manuka Honey here.

Is Manuka Doctor Genuine?

Absolutely 100% yes. We pride ourselves on being a true New Zealand brand. All our honey is harvested and packed in New Zealand before being exported around the world. We test our batches of honey five times before sale (including for the all-important MPI standard) and publish these test results on our website for you to access using your batch number.

You can trace your batch number here.