Trace Your Manuka Honey

Our Hive to Home Promise

Every pot we sell can be traced right back to the group of bee-hives where it was created in New Zealand.

Plus, to guarantee the Manuka we harvest is the genuine article we test our honey five times before sale at independent laboratories both in New Zealand and here in the UK. We call this our Hive to Home promise.

You can see the results of the scientific tests conducted on your honey simply by typing in the batch number printed on the side of your pot into our checker below.

What do these test results mean?

FERA is a Government backed laboratory in York, UK. They test every batch of Manuka honey we produce to check the level of Methylglyoxal (MGO) which relates to the honey’s anti-microbial strength and is the number printed on the front of every pot.

ANALYTICA is an independent laboratory in New Zealand. They test every batch of Manuka honey we produce to ensure it meets the NZ Government’s strict science definition for Manuka honey, often called the MPI Standard. This involves testing for four naturally occurring chemical markers and a DNA test to prove the honey is genuine Manuka from New Zealand.


Can you really trace a jar of honey bought in the UK back to the hive where it came from 11,500 miles away?

Manuka Doctor honey is gathered from hives all over New Zealand before being transported more than 11,500 miles to get to Britain – so is it really possible to trace a jar bought in the UK all the way back to where it was harvested from?

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Choosing the right Manuka Honey is a piece of cake for Jonathan Agnew

A Manuka Honey Cake for Cricket Commentator Jonathan “Aggers” Agnew. The 58 year old said he “takes a spoonful of Manuka honey every day and hasn’t had a cold in 18 months” since he started using it.

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