Beeing Kind to Children

Our Company fully respects and abides by the international principles of Human Rights including those expressed in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles.

Any case of Child labour including children being victims of situations that are covered by the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 i.e., cases of forced or trafficked labour, if found, must be immediately reported to a Director of the business or via the confidential email address

Our Strict Policy:

  • No children (below the minimum age of employment) as per the national law must be involved in the manufacture of goods and services.
  • We will not purchase products from a supplier who uses forced or bonded labour or child labour. We respect all applicable laws establishing a minimum age for employment to support the end of child labour worldwide and we expect our Suppliers to do the same.
  • There is no recruitment of child labour.
  • If any person discovers there are children involved in any part of our supply chain, they must immediately inform us by contacting Appropriate action will be taken to protect the interests of the children, ensuring that an agreed, organised, and safe transition of the children from work to education until the national leaving age from school.
  • Children and young persons under 18 shall not be employed at night or in hazardous conditions. These policies and procedures shall conform to the provisions of the relevant ILO standards.