Creamed Manuka Honey: what is it and why is it better?

Claire Perry - Manuka Doctor Product Expert

Claire leads our Product Development Team, ensuring that our products are truly natural and effective. With more than 20 years experience in the health and beauty industry, she is one of the industry’s most experienced Manuka Honey Experts.

If you’re researching the best Manuka honey you’ll often see words like “creamed”, “raw”, “pure” and “unpasteurised” written on the packaging.

But what do these mean, and which ones are the best? This blog explains more.

What does creamed Manuka honey mean?

Creaming is a process of natural granulation of a honey by stirring.

You see, in any type of honey the natural sugars present want to try return to their more solid state.

That’s why some types of honey can appear crusty or lumpy on the top. That’s the natural sugar crystals forming. They are completely harmless but some people may not like the look or texture of a crystalised honey.

Creamed Manuka Honey

What are the benefits of creamed Manuka?

All Manuka Doctor honey is lightly creamed before it is packed in New Zealand. This breaks down the natural sugar crystals into smaller particles, preventing them from re-forming. Creaming is what gives our honey its even, smooth texture with no lumps.

How does your Manuka honey get creamed?

After our honey has been extracted from the wooden frames in the bee hives, it’s filtered through a fine cotton gauze at our facility in Hamilton (north island of New Zealand).

This filtration removes any small pieces of wax or other items which the bees brought into their hive, and ensures the honey is pure while preserving its pure raw status.

The raw honey is then ‘tipped’ into a large cylindrical vat where it is gently stirred. This is the creaming process. After creaming it is poured into the individual jars which you buy.

Manuka Honey Process

Is your honey ever heat treated or pasteurised?

No, this would destroy the natural properties of the honey’s active compounds.

Is Manuka honey that isn’t creamed bad?

Some Manuka Honey may be un-creamed and this will have a more grainy texture. Non-creamed Manuka is also described as raw because it may contain small particles of wax and be lumpy due to containing sugar crystals. Feedback tells us that the best Manuka experience comes from creamed Manuka.

Finally you might be asking yourself where you can buy creamed Manuka honey? Thankfully ALL Manuka Doctor honey is creamed. You can view our entire range here.