Why GB’s best athletes choose Manuka Doctor

Fuel yourself like a pro with these top tips.

  • Natural Energy Boost

    Natural Energy Boost

  • Muscle Fuel

  • Recovery & Repair

    Recovery & Repair

Supporting Wellness

Here’s why Laura made Manuka Doctor part of her training routine

"It’s really important I stay healthy all year round so I can train and compete to the best of my ability. Manuka Doctor’s honey is fantastic because it’s a natural prebiotic. It’s also got anti-inflammatory properties so it’s perfect to boost my immune system.

It’s also a slow release carbohydrate. I find it useful to add to yoghurt in the evening before going to bed. It’s also good to add to water as a little extra carbohydrate I can have after sessions."

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Super-charging Health

Here’s why Kadeena made Manuka Doctor part of her nutrition plan

"The stress on my muscles and joints during training can sometimes be really uncomfortable. Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory which really helps to relieve the inflammation in my body, easing aches and pains from the day.

I find the best way to combine Manuka honey into a meal is by adding it into an overnight oats recipe. Plus, I top it off with a sprinkling of Bee Pollen as it is a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and it is super tasty!”


Fuelling Muscles

Here’s how superstar Jade fuels her training with Manuka Doctor

“I love to add Manuka honey to my go-to breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and nuts. It’s a great natural addition to my diet as it’s a slow-release fuel for my exercising muscles. When I’m training, I put a spoonful of Manuka Doctor Manuka honey into my drink, it’s a slow-release energy so fuels me up throughout the session as well as supporting my endurance.

On a rest day when I’m not training hard, I’m still getting all the added benefits of Manuka Honey as it’s aiding my recovery, so I’m still improving!”

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Wellness Boosting

Wellness Boosting


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