Runners Nutrition: What’s Fuelling Laura Muir

Claire leads our Product Development Team, ensuring that our products are truly natural and effective. With more than 20 years experience in the health and beauty industry, she is one of the industry’s most experienced Manuka Honey Experts.

This Summer we have partnered with middle-distance running star Laura Muir, the UK’s firm favourite to bringing home another medal this Summer.

Laura’s sporting achievements have cemented her as British sporting royalty. Here we delve into what puts Laura at the top of her game, not just on the track but with her general health and wellbeing.

“Some of the things that I’ve done in training this year, I’ve never had the opportunity to do before and I’ve really shocked myself like: ‘Wow, I can do that’. So I think it’s just having that confidence in myself that I am successful because of the athlete that I am. That’s been a big, big thing, just self-confidence really, and not having to rely on somebody else. I know that I can do it and, given the right support structure, then I can go and perform a lot better.”[1]

“On the health side, it’s really important I stay healthy all year round so I can train and compete to the best of my ability. Manuka Doctor’s honey is fantastic because it’s a natural prebiotic. It’s also got anti-inflammatory properties so it’s perfect to boost my immune system.”

When it comes to fuelling her body, Laura’s breakfast ritual remains steadfast. Regardless of the season, she begins her day with a nourishing bowl of porridge with a go-to combination of ripe bananas and peanut butter or Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey.

“I’ll admit, I do have a sweet tooth. So Manuka Doctor’s honey is fantastic because it’s a natural sweetener! But I’m also conscious anything I put into my body must have high nutritional value. So with this, I’ve got all the health benefits of Manuka while also satisfying my sweet cravings!”

For lunch and dinner Laura opts for balanced choices for optimal fuelling and a mindful approach for sustaining her energy levels. Lunch often features light yet satisfying options, such as an omelette or eggs on toast. For dinner, Laura tailors her choices to align with her training schedule. On lighter training days, she leans towards grilled salmon or sea bass paired with vegetables. Following intense sessions, she seeks replenishment with nourishing options like casseroles, chilli, or lasagne. During the summer months, when training intensity eases, Laura adjusts her carbohydrate intake, carefully managing her race weight while savouring carbohydrates during other times of the year. [2]

Laura also understands the importance of strategic snacking, fuelling her body between meals.

“Us athletes love Manuka Honey because it’s also a slow release carbohydrate. I find it useful to add to yoghurt in the evening before going to bed. It’s also good to add to water as a little extra carbohydrate I can have after sessions. Sometimes I just like to eat it off the spoon though, because it tastes amazing and you’ve got an immediate energy hit straight away.”

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