Anti-Redness Skincare

Developed for skin prone to redness, this calming, fragrance-free skincare range restores balance for a healthier looking complexion.

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Clinically Proven Anti-Redness Skincare

How long should I use the Clarifying Serum and Clarifying Moisturiser for before I notice any results?

87% of trialists taking part in an independent clinical study agreed that the Clarifying Serum was instantly soothing on their skin after the first application. However, the longer you use the products the more beneficial they are; after two weeks of using the Clarifying Moisturiser 87% of trialists with reddened skin noticed a reduction in redness, however this increased to 97% of participants after 28 days use of the Clarifying Serum and Moisturiser independently of each other.

How often should I use the Clarifying Serum and Moisturiser?

We recommend that both products should be twice daily for at least four weeks. In the clinical study, trialists all with reddened skin, used each product twice daily over four weeks. After 14 days of using the Clarifying Moisturiser 97% agreed it calmed skin, whilst 90% agreed their skin felt soft and smooth.

Will my skin look younger looking after using the Clarifying Serum?

90% of trialists using the Clarifying Serum twice daily claimed their skin looked younger after just 14 days.

Will the Clarifying Serum protect my skin from further damage?

After 28 days of using the Clarifying Serum twice daily, 100% of trialists with reddened skin agreed their skin looked smooth and they believed protected their skin from further damage.

An independent trial of 30 volunteers with rosacea / reddened skin evaluated the effectiveness of Manuka Doctor Clarifying - Anti-Redness products over 4 weeks.

Anti-Redness Face Serum. Good Housekeeping Institute Approved

What is the Good Housekeeping Institute?

The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) has been rigorously testing products since 1900, from the longest lasting lipstick to the safest baby product! The GHI’s powerhouse team of engineers, scientists, analysts, and product experts test consumer products so that we can rest assured we're not wasting our money on poor quality items. Products are tested for safety, quality, and value, using state-of-the-art consumer testing methods.

What was the Manuka Doctor Clarifying Serum tested for?

The Clarifying Serum was tested alongside other anti-redness skincare products. The GHI tested the performance of the Clarifying Serum using a VISIA Complexion Analyser to assess the amount of redness and intensity. 309 of the GHI at-home testers also helped to assess the properties of the serum, such as texture, packaging and whether they made any visible difference to the skin.

How did the Clarifying Serum do?

The Clarifying Serum scored well with testers from the Good Housekeeping Institute for helping reduce skin redness. It also scored well with testers for its simple and easy-to-use pump-dispenser packaging. Testers were impressed with how easily it sank into the skin, saying that only a small amount of product was needed to cover the skin. The serum has a gel-like consistency which testers found light and pleasant on the skin...generally testers found that the product helped to calm skin and reduce redness, improving skin tone over time.

Award Winning Manuka Honey Skincare Product for Reddened Skin

What are the Global Green Beauty Awards?

The Global Green Beauty Awards reflect more Eco Aware, Green, Organic, Natural or Sustainable beauty brands. From organic and natural products to sustainable packaging, the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards celebrates the best in environmentally friendly, natural products and much more.

What Manuka Doctor products have won the Global Green Beauty Awards?

Manuka Doctor’s Clarifying Moisturiser was awarded within the ‘Best Honey Based Category’.

What is so special about Manuka Doctor’s honey products?

Manuka Doctor skincare products are made with sustainable and genuine Manuka honey, certified by the New Zealand Government to an incredibly high standard providing you with the most pure and reliable natural ingredients all the way from our hives to your home.

How does Manuka honey help with reddened skin / rosacea?

Natural prebiotic Manuka honey helps to re-balance the skin to promote a healthier looking complexion. The MGO found in Manuka honey gives it greater antimicrobial properties than other honeys, which means it’s better able to fight skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Being anti-inflammatory, it can also help soothe red, irritated skin.

As well as what we put into our products, it’s also important to consider what we’ve left out – SLS, SLES, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Siloxanes, Aluminium, DEA, MEA.