Our Quality Promise

When you buy from Manuka Doctor, it's like buying direct from the Beekeeper.

Here's what makes our products different to the rest


When we screw the lid on your jar of Manuka over 11,000 miles away in New Zealand, nobody opens it until you do. 

That’s because every jar of Manuka Doctor honey is harvested, packed and sealed in New Zealand itself. 

But why is this important? 

Some Manuka honey is exported from New Zealand in giant metal drums and re-packed when it gets to the UK. Once outside of the NZ Government’s jurisdiction this type of honey could be blended down or cut with cheaper non-Manuka honey to make it go further. 

In this age of food-fraud and security, it’s highly  important to be able to trace your honey right back  to the bee-keeper. With Manuka Doctor’s Hive to Home Promise,  you’re guaranteed the real deal, every time.


We guarantee 100% pure and Genuine Manuka honey, harvested in the sustainable wild bushland of New Zealand, tested, graded, and packed at source in our facility in Hamilton, North Island.


Only genuine Manuka will carry this stamp. It means your product has been harvested and packed in New Zealand itself (not blended or re-packed in a different country).

You can be reassured every Manuka Doctor honey comes with this guarantee. Giving you true authenticity and the highest quality product.

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