Immune Defence Spray Vitamin D, Manuka Honey & Propolis 500 M.E.D. 20ml

Vitamin D Spray with Manuka Honey & Propolis 500 M.E.D. Vitamin D Spray with Manuka Honey & Propolis 500 M.E.D. Vitamin D Spray with Manuka Honey & Propolis 500 M.E.D. Vitamin D Spray with Manuka Honey & Propolis 500 M.E.D. Vitamin D Spray with Manuka Honey & Propolis 500 M.E.D. Vitamin D Spray with Manuka Honey & Propolis 500 M.E.D.

"This product really helps to strengthen my immune system and prevent those winter colds." Sharon W.

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Easy to use Vitamin D Spray.

M.E.D. 500 contains 5 mg/ml of Polyphenols

Vitamin D contributes to normal immune system function.

20ml oral spray.

Propolis is a resin-like material made by bees from the buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees. Bees use propolis to build their hives and in its pure form is a greenish brown colour.

M.E.D. is the unique purification process the Propolis is placed through resulting in a very pure Propolis. Once purified the total level of Polyphenols can be measured;
M.E.D. 100 contains 1 mg/ml of Polyphenols
M.E.D. 250 contains 2.5 mg/ml of Polyphenols
M.E.D. 500 contains 5 mg/ml of Polyphenols

Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds within Propolis, the larger the number on the M.E.D. scale, the greater the concentration of Polyphenols per serving.

The Manuka Honey used in our Oral Sprays is sourced directly from Manuka Doctor's own hives in New Zealand.

Consuming 6 Sprays per day will provide 15% of the daily recommended dosage of Vitamin D.


To answer some common questions about our new range, we turned to Dr Vincenzo Zaccaria, one of the leading experts in Bee Propolis who helped us create the formulations.

Q. Firstly, what are these sprays for?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "You can use this product to support the immune system and to ease the symptoms related to infections such as cough, sore throat, swelling and redness."

Q. How do you use it?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "It’s very easy to use, you simply take 2-3 sprays 3 times per day. Point towards the back of the throat and squirt."

Q. How many sprays are in a bottle?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "About 100-120 sprays per bottle."

Q. Will it give me enough vitamin D?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "Yes, 2 sprays 3 times per day will give you the right amount of vitamin D to contribute to the normal function of the immune system."

Q. What is Propolis?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "This is a very common question as the ingredient is new to a lot of people. Propolis is a resinous substance which bees collect from apical buds of plants. They use it in the beehive to defend it from parasites thanks to its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties."

Q. What does MED stand for?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "It’s a scientific term that stands for Multi Dynamic Extraction. That’s the patented extraction method we use to get the active compounds (polyphenols) from the bee propolis. Using the MED method allows to obtain standardized extracts, pure from inactive resins and contaminants."

Q. What MED strength do I need?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "For children (over 5yrs) and those wanting to a daily support for the immune system you can use MED 100 and 250, in case of infections you should use MED 500."

Q. What does it taste like?

A. Dr Zaccaria says: "Perhaps unsurprisingly the flavour is given by the manuka honey, with a slight the addition of an aromatic note of propolis. There are no added or artificial flavours in the sprays.

Bee Propolis sprays have been in the news recently after actress Lily Collins from Netflix’s popular Emily In Paris series told Vogue magazine she was rarely without hers. She said:

"It’s an amazing immune system booster and has a lot of antioxidants, it is so good for a scratchy throat which I sometimes wake up with."

Watch the interview here.

Why it works


Manuka honey isn’t the only wonder-substance bees produce. They also make propolis, a glue-like compound that coats the hive. It’s thought have some powerful wellness-boosting benefits – which is why we’re including it with our Manuka honey for full protective potency. This winter, you can supercharge your immunity with our Propolis and Manuka Immune Defence Oral Spray. To find out more about magical propolis, read on...

So what exactly is propolis?

Honeybees make it from substances they collect from plants, combining these with saliva and beeswax, to form a sticky, waxy ‘glue’ that’s soft and pliable in warmer temperatures and hard when it’s cold. Bees use propolis as a sealant for their hives, to fill in cracks, smooth walls and form a protective sealant against the weather and invaders. It can help maintain the humidity inside a hive, and it also has antibiotic properties, thought to help look after the health of the bees, which all live in close proximity to each other in the hive. Propolis can range in colour from transparent to yellow, red and dark brown, and has been found to contain resins, waxes, oils and pollens, in varying degrees. Its makeup depends a lot on the region but over 300 compounds have been identified. Most of these are antioxidant polyphenols called flavonoids, known to help protect the body [1,2].

The wellbeing link

Ancient cultures knew something about the benefits of propolis. The Egyptians used it for embalming bodies. And there’s evidence the ancient Greeks and Romans used it in wound-healing. Since then, it’s been in traditional use in various countries around the world, and is thought to have anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. There’s still a lot we have yet to learn about propolis but science is beginning to confirm some of the ways propolis may help your health...

It may help your immune system fight bugs

Although more research is needed, some studies suggest propolis may have a role in helping your body fight viruses. In lab tests, it’s been found to have antiviral properties [3]. Propolis has been shown to fight the herpes virus that causes cold sores, potentially shortening the duration of an outbreak. One recent paper has even looked into whether it may help against different types of virus, proposing its anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity may help the body battle more modern infections, and potentially prevent some of the worst effects [4]. We don’t currently have enough evidence, but propolis is considered safe for most people (avoid if you’re allergic to bees or honey) and potentially promising.

It may soothe inflammation

Propolis has been used traditionally for calming inflammatory conditions, and some research has shown why it may be helpful. It has properties that help fight pro-inflammatory substances in the body, while increasing levels of other substances that help drive down inflammation [5]. It’s been used in dentistry and may also have a role in easing sore throats [6].

It has antibacterial benefits

Like its cousin, honey, propolis has been found to help blitz bacteria. We need more research to show exactly how it works in the body, but one paper found it lowered levels of some of the bacteria linked with tooth decay [7].

It may help your body heal

This amazing bee-glue has been shown to help tissues repair. And it’s a potent antioxidant, gobbling up the toxic free radicals that can be produced in the body as a result of factors like stress, pollution and poor diet [8].

Your wellness-boosting duo

No wonder we’ve combined propolis with that other gift from the bees, Manuka honey. All honey has antibacterial qualities but Manuka honey’s a hero. It’s packed with a powerful antimicrobial substance called methylglyoxal (MGO), plus other compounds known to battle certain bacteria. There’s some emerging evidence that suggests Manuka honey may have some antiviral effects, too [9]. Alongside measures to look after your overall health – including a healthy diet, exercise, stress management and plenty of sleep – our new spray may be a valuable addition to your winter wellbeing strategy.

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Water, Glycerin (34%), Manuka honey (10%), Propolis (10%), Preservative (Potassium sorbate), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

Instructions & Warnings


Shake bottle well. Open your mouth wide and point the spray at the back of the throat squirting twice. Repeat this 3 times per day after meals. Do not exceed this recommended daily dose.


Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur. Avoid this product if you have allergies to pollen, bees or bee products.

Do not use this product without first consulting with your doctor if you are under medical supervision, on prescribed medication, pregnant, breastfeeding, have asthma or related allergies.

This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Store out of the reach of children and below 30 degrees, ideally at room temperature and do not refrigerate. For Best Before End see base of pack.

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Harvested and Packed by us in New Zealand

Certified Manuka Honey

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