Readers of our blog will know that all Manuka Doctor honey is certified as Genuine to meet the strict New Zealand government standard.
But perhaps you didn’t know there are also two different classifications of Manuka honey itself?
Like any crop Manuka harvests can vary from batch to batch depending on the location, the amount of Manuka bushes, even soil type and rainfall can have an effect on the grade of the honey.
Bee on a Manuka plant
That’s why there are two classifications of Manuka:
MULTIFLORAL MANUKA must meet a certain level of natural compounds to be classified as the real deal. Among them it must contain wholly or mainly Manuka nectar. That’s because nobody can control where a honey bee flies. So it’s possible that on its way back to the beehive, your honey bee also stopped off to pollinate a clover flower, or other wildflower on route. Hence multi-floral meaning “more than one floral source”.
MONOFLORAL MANUKA has to meet a higher threshold of these natural compounds, showing it was made from more of the Manuka nectar itself. Hence mono = one. This means that Monofloral Manuka is a higher, purer grade of honey.
All our honeys over 100 MGO are certified as Monofloral grade. 

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