Trace your pot’s journey with our Hive to Home promise

Trace your pot’s journey with our Hive to Home promise

Did you know that every batch of Manuka honey we produce can be traced right back to the bee-hive site were it was created?

We call this our Hive to Home® promise, which also sees every batch of our Manuka tested five times between the bee-keeper and final sale.

This testing process happens in both New Zealand and the UK, at independent laboratories.

So why is a transparent supply chain important? Well, put simply, because we want you to be reassured that all our Manuka Doctor honey is the real deal. Harvested in New Zealand, packed at source, and tested rigorously to meet the highest standards.

And now you can see the paper-trail for the pot you have brought for yourself.

You see, on the side of every pot we print a batch number.

If you enter this into this checker on our website here.

You will be able to see the results of two scientific tests undertaken on the exact batch of honey that your pot was a part of.

What do these test results mean?

FERA is a Government backed laboratory in York, UK. They test every batch of Manuka honey we produce to check the level of Methylglyoxal (MGO) which relates to the honey’s anti-microbial strength and is the number printed on the front of every pot. This certificate shows the MGO level of your honey.

ANALYTICA is an independent laboratory in New Zealand. They test every batch of Manuka honey we produce to ensure it meets the NZ Government’s strict science definition for Manuka honey, often called the MPI Standard. This involves testing for four naturally occurring chemical markers and a DNA test to prove the honey is genuine Manuka from New Zealand. This certificate shows that your honey met this MPI standard on every marker.

Only Manuka Doctor has the Hive to Home® promise, so you can be confident that when you buy from us, you are getting the real deal.

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