Revealed: Top nutritionists back Manuka Doctor

At Manuka Doctor HQ we are proud to work with some leading names in health and research. Including TV’s Dr Hilary Jones and Dr Adrian Charlton of the world-renowned FERA science lab.

And now we are pleased to have several top UK nutritionists backing Manuka Doctor in 2021.

These nutritionists have been reviewing our Manuka Honey, Manuka Middles lozenges and also some of our new vitamins and supplements.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Charlotte Harbour mBANT CNHC


"I was so excited to be contacted by Manuka Doctor and gifted these wonderful products. I am a big fan of honey, especially Manuka honey. I’ve been using it for many years as an effective antibacterial agent - supported by literature. Honey is reported to alter a bacterium's shape and size through septal ring alteration, which affects cell morphology and growth.

Manuka honey is rich in phenols and methylglyoxal (the magic part of Manuka honey). This honey is 70MGO, a great amount for daily use.

I use manuka honey in my tea, especially green tea, or with fresh lemon when I feel a sore throat coming. It’s also great on oats or popped into a smoothie."

Jayne Hopper DipCNM mBANT CNHC


"So I’ve just learnt something today about the number on the front of the pot of Manuka honey. It represents the mg per kg of MGO (Methylglyoxal) and the related strength of Antimicrobial Activity, which is known to kill certain types of bacteria. The greater the number, the stronger the Antimicrobial Activity. The strength of Manuka Doctor honey is measured using the MGO grading system from 30 MGO to 1000 MGO. Within the hive DHA undergoes the Maillard reaction to form MGO, a process which is driven by the higher temperatures found within bee hives. The higher the MGO, the more you use it medicinally. This one is perfect for everyday day use."

Ruth Reynolds BANT NHC


"Christmas came early for me this year when Manuka Doctor got in touch and gifted me a box of their goodies! ⠀I’m a big porridge fan so I tried their Manuka honey first on my morning oats alongside a sprinkle of ground flax seeds and some berries. Delish!

Manuka honey has lots of benefits as it contains a natural compound called methylglyoxal – or MGO for short – which has anti-microbial properties. Those properties are effective in helping to heal ailments like sore throats, so as Winter is upon us, if you’re suffering with seasonal sniffles then simply add it to tea or hot lemon for a soothing cuppa."

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