Go for Gold like Tessa Sanderson this Summer

Former Team GB Athlete Tessa Sanderson CBE is a big fan of Manuka Doctor’s Genuine honey. As she explained in our exclusive interview, telling us:

“I’ve always been trained to make zero compromises in my career. If you want the best out of yourself then you can’t cut corners. You’ve got to make the right choices at the right time.

“Now, that same approach I used for athletics for all those years also goes for healthy eating today.

“As I enjoy my sixties, I truly believe the foods you put in your body have got to be of the highest quality. No impurities, no additives and as natural as you can get.

“That’s why I am delighted to have teamed up with Manuka Doctor this Summer on their campaign for Gold Medal Manuka.

“I was shocked to find out that some Manuka honey is fake and can be diluted with poor quality honey. Believe me, nobody likes a cheater in any field!

“That’s why together with Manuka Doctor I’ve created this simple checklist to make sure that you choose true Gold Medal Manuka honey to put yourself in first place.”

Tessa’s Gold Medal Manuka Checklist:

  1. Where was it packed?

Make sure your honey is both harvested and packed in New Zealand itself like Manuka Doctor and not packed in a third county. As this means the chain of custody can be lost and the product may have been blended and not contain as much Manuka as you expected.

  1. Can it be traced from Hive to Home?

All Manuka Doctor honey can be traced right back to the exact group of bee-hives in New Zealand where it was harvested.

  1. Can you access independent lab results showing its potency?

Tessa Sanderson

All Manuka Doctor honey is tested in independent labs to certify it is the Genuine article.

You can even do this yourself by typing your jar’s batch code into our online checker here, where you will see the test certificates undertaken on your exact batch.

If your honey answers yes to all these points, then you can be confident you are buying Genuine Manuka.

View Manuka Doctor’s special offers this month here - https://www.manukadoctor.co.uk/collections/special-offers

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