Avoid the Worst Cold & Flu Season in 10 Years

Avoid the Worst Cold & Flu Season in 10 Years

Britain is suffering the worst cold and flu season for a decade with pressures on A&E departments across the UK, new figures have revealed.

Flu admissions stood at 8.3 per 100,000 people in the week to January 1, down from 14.8 the previous week which was the highest level in at least a decade, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Despite the drop, the rate is still running above any point in the previous four winters, according to the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. Read more here.

As a result of the sick-wave hitting the nation, Pharmacy leaders have warned about a shortage of cough and cold medicine, with some chemists struggling to obtain the very basic supplies.


Products like Lemsip, Throat lozenges, cough mixtures and even some painkillers are among the over-the-counter medicines in short supply, according to the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies. Read more here.

If you are struggling to find Lemsip or cough mixtures why not try making a Manuka Hot Toddy with Lemon and Ginger.

Manuka Hot Toddy


If you’re worried about Winter bugs, Manuka Doctor's immunity range contains the right vitamins to help defend your system this Winter.

Keeping your levels high during the current times will help support your immune system and keep it healthy.

Our range of vitamin supplements, sprays, syrups and lozenges are all good solutions for immune system health.

And remember, all Manuka Doctor products are made with 100 per cent Genuine Manuka from New Zealand – tested to show it contains anti-bacterial properties that other types of honey does not display.


High profile experts including TV’s Dr Hilary Jones are fans of Manuka Doctor’s honey.

Hilary says: "Current advice from Public Health England is to try honey for a cough before visiting your GP. I recommend Manuka honey to all my patients this Winter, but if you are going to buy a pot, be sure to choose a brand that has been independently tested for strength and purity, like Manuka Doctor."


When you buy direct from Manuka Doctor, you are buying straight from the beekeeper.

Because we don’t operate any shops ourselves, we have lower overheads so can keep prices low for you.

Plus you will get FREE mainland UK delivery when you spend over £60.

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