Boxing Nutrition: What I'm Feeding Tyson Fury this Week

George Lockhart - Manuka Doctor Guest Author
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Best-known for his work with boxers Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker and UFC Champ Conor McGregor, Lockhart has coached over 100 UFC fighters in nutrition and weight management. His novel approach to food, dieting and cutting weight has proven results and drastically changed the world of boxing and martial arts.

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“Feeding the King is actually easier than you’d imagine.”

“Let’s talk about two of my favourite subjects, food and cutting weight.

Tyson weighed in at 277lbs against Wilder last year in 2021 and was a very close 273lbs in 2020 fight. A lot of people ask me what’s the secret to his diet to keep weight. And honestly there’s a lot of factors.

When you start working with a fighter, you’ve got to estimate a few things by looking at fat percentage, height, weight, age and so on.

But when you get to live with someone like I do, you’ll see how someone’s body reacts to certain foods and how they feel. Then adapt to suit that person.

A lot of people need to eat two or three hours before they work out, but Tyson only needs an hour before he works out and he feels great during.

I’m not saying this will work for you – but you’ve got to fine tune your intake, and your timings, so you get the optimum balance for performance.

Honestly, when I came to this camp, I thought I would be cooking for an army to feed these guys but Tyson's not really a big eater. Calories right now, if I work the mean out it's about 2,800 calories a day. You’ve got to remember this guy is operating at a high level. His body is used to loading and unloading explosive energy, so 2,800 calories is the magic number right now.

Here in camp I’m making a LOT of different foods every day. If we feed Tyson and the boys the same thing every single day then it'll get old but the more variety you get, the more nutrients you'll get and the more happy you are to eat.

Typically, I'll try and rotate a red meat, fish or chicken at least once a day. So everyone gets a variety of the different meats and nothing gets old too fast.

A big win in this camp is my Salmon Cakes, I make them with spicy jalapenos and coriander, with a special Sriracha and Manuka honey glaze over them.

Plate it up with some quinoa and it’s become a favourite. Tyson in particular loves a bit of spice in his food. You guys should see my spice rack, I’ve brought my A-Game over here to make it taste good. Just because you’re competing, doesn’t mean you can’t eat well and enjoy it.

I’ll also do a lot of rice, potatoes and such, but when I'm cooking rice you're talking about adding garlic, tomatoes, onions - not only is it good for your digestive system but you’re now getting a lot of micronutrients and minerals in that meal too.

We also look at just about every superfood out there when planning!

You might think it’s all about the carbs and protein for fighters but they’ll have a fruit bowl every day, which is blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and Greek yoghurt.

I’ll use our Manuka Doctor honey on that too as it’s a good, natural sugar and adds the right level of sweetness.”

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