The meal that's been helping Tyson Fury recover between sparring sessions

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Best-known for his work with boxers Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker and UFC Champ Conor McGregor, Lockhart has coached over 100 UFC fighters in nutrition and weight management. His novel approach to food, dieting and cutting weight has proven results and drastically changed the world of boxing and martial arts.

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“I always say that a sauce can make or break a dish in terms of taste but can also give you extra nutrients to boost that meal.

I definitely learned a ton of these combinations in the beginning! Nothing can save a dish like a good sauce.

If you’re training then you’ll no doubt be eating a lot of protein and meat. Even a good steak can get old quickly if you don’t change up the sauce. Chicken too. A sauce can totally transform a meal so you can keep it interesting while still getting the right food groups you need.

Here’s one of my go-to recipes which is going down a storm in the Tyson Fury training camp. It’s salmon with my own Manuka honey sauce I invented a few years back.

I do this at least once a week as it’s proven a big hit with the guys and we are big fans of seafood on the nutrition side for being a nice lean meat that’s high in protein.

If you want to try this one at home it’s easy and all you need are a few special ingredients.

Manuka honey is great for the gut and has a ton of antibacterial properties but also useful for cooking too if you can spare a spoonful to make your sauce work for you!

I use Manuka Doctor honey, the squeezy bottle of 100 MGO strength which is super easy to cook with. Or the normal jar which I just spoon out. Remember that heat can affect the properties of Manuka, so that’s why I use this as a dressing – rather than cook the honey itself.

In this dish, I put my Honey sauce on after the Salmon has been seared in olive oil and the butternut squash and sweet potatoes have been baked. Think of it as the finishing touch!

This is an easy recipe to cook just for one person, a family or couple, or make up a big batch so you can eat well another day.

George Lockhart’s Honey Seared Salmon:

Here’s how

  • First, chop some butternut squash and sweet potatoes into small cubes
  • Roast them in the oven with a little salt and olive oil and then move onto the sauce
  • Spoon some Manuka Doctor honey into a bowl – I used the 250 MGO grade for this one
  • Add a similar amount of mustard – as strong as you like to go with! I’m half Mexican so I do like a little kick in my food
  • Then a generous pour of Soy Sauce
  • I also add a few tea spoons of garlic paste from a jar
  • Mix it all up together and this is your Honey Sauce, put it down to one side while you prepare your fish
  • Get your pan nice and hot then sear your salmon using a lot of good Olive Oil
  • Load up the plate with your roasted veg. When the fish is ready, place it on top and pour over your sauce. The sauce goes super well over the Squash and Sweet Potato too, so you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Enjoy!

Watch the video

Stay tuned for more of George Lockhart’s recipe tips from the Tyson Fury training camp.

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