Boxing Nutrition: The Benefits of Manuka in Your Diet Plan

George Lockhart - Manuka Doctor Guest Author

Best-known for his work with boxers Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker and UFC Champ Conor McGregor, Lockhart has coached over 100 UFC fighters in nutrition and weight management. His novel approach to food, dieting and cutting weight has proven results and drastically changed the world of boxing and martial arts.

“If someone told you about a pre-workout that was natural, with long-lasting energy, and it tasted good. You’d snap their arm off. Am I right?”

“Well friends that secret is Manuka honey.

I have used Manuka Doctor’s honey as part of my client’s nutrition and diet plans for years.

My experience with fight nutrition has taught me that the most important part of hitting your weight or performance goals is preparation.

During this camp I’m planning everyone’s meals a week out. We’ve got Tyson, Joe Parker, plus a host of other pros here every day. It’s a great vibe, everyone eats together, trains together, and hangs-out together like a family.

But that means I’ve got to make sure that I keep the variety right. As nobody wants to eat chicken 3 times a day right? But most importantly, I’ve got the right balance of food groups to give the body what it needs to perform.

Manuka honey is a low GI carb from natural sugar.

GI, or Glycemic Index, relates to the rate at which carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and are absorbed into the blood from your gut.

That means that even a little drizzle of Manuka honey is going to give your body an energy hit – and not the type of quick release energy that gives you a comedown shortly after. Manuka honey is going to give your body a longer-burn of energy. And because it’s natural, there’s no crash or additives in your body that can come with synthetics.

Some of the fighters I work with do like a little sweetness in their meals, so Manuka honey is the perfect way to add the flavour and liven up your meal plan.”

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