Win a Car Easter 2019: Winner Announcement

Win a Car Easter 2019: Winner Announcement

Congratulations to JD from the North West of England who has been chosen as the lucky customer in our recent “Win a Car” competition.

Mum of two JD is now the proud owner of a brand new Volkswagen Up car worth more than £9,000.

The timing of her win couldn’t be better as JD told us she had been saving for a car to help with her job as a student nurse and also to use for driving her children around.

In fact JD was so surprised to have won, it took a day for the facts to sink in – when we caught up with her again this week, she was still telling friends and family the good news.

JD told us she was a big fan of Manuka Doctor’s facial cleanser and often ordered from our skincare deals page. Thankfully her last order was the lucky one selected at random to win the prize from orders made on the Manuka Doctor website between 4th April and 1st May.

Speaking about the win, JD said:

“I was so shocked when I took the call that at first I didn’t believe it. I’ve entered raffles before but never really won anything. I actually gave Manuka Doctor’s head office a call back just to check it was real! The car is going to be so useful. I work as a Student Nurse and it’s going to be amazing to have a brand new car to use. Thank you again!

Congratulations to JD and family from all of us at Manuka Doctor, and we hope you enjoy your prize.

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