Why is everyone talking about Apple Cider Vinegar?

You may have heard about Apple Cider Vinegar, sometimes simply called ACV, but despite the name it’s not something you’d find down your local country pub.

Apple Cider Vinegar is in fact the latest superfood recommended for health and wellness. Here we take a closer look at this new trend to let you know the facts.

What is it?

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples which turns them into acetic acid – the active ingredient in vinegar.

There are two types of Apple Cider Vinegar, the first being a clear 'filtered' type, and the second a raw and unfiltered cloudy type.

It’s this raw and unfiltered version which contains something known as ‘the mother’. This means there are proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria present and gives this type of vinegar a cloudy appearance.

Our Manuka Doctor Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother and Manuka Honey has a mild acidity of vinegar but with the sweetness of honey.

But what does it do?

There is some emerging science around the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, including:

It may help improve digestion
Apple cider vinegar contains healthy bacteria that helps to keep your digestive system working properly in a similar fashion to the yoghurt drinks that also contain friendly bacteria.

It may support your immune system
Studies have found that such healthy bacteria could help you recover sooner if you do get sick.

It may help boost the condition of your hair
The acetic acid in The Mother is thought to help lower hair’s pH to combat dry or frizzy hair. In addition raw apple cider vinegar with Manuka Honey has antimicrobial properties which means it may help control bacteria which leads to scalp itchiness.

It may help improve your skin and nail health
Thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties within, Apple Cider Vinegar is sometimes used as a natural treatment for healthier skin and nails. It may help to balance the skin’s pH and has an exfoliating effect that smooths and softens. And for rough, cracked heels or mild fungal nail infections, some say apple cider vinegar is great to use as a foot soak.

What does it taste like?

Our customers enjoy the sweeter taste of our Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka, and here are some of their comments:

"Love this, with its sweeter honey taste . Great first drink of the morning"
"My magic first drink of the day, warm, refreshing and tasty...love it!"
"Table spoon twice a day and I feel great! Add a little to my hair mask for great results. Really pleased."
"It made a pleasant change to have the cider vinegar with honey. I'm surprised that no one has thought of this before."

How do you take it?

If choosing to drink apple cider vinegar by itself make sure that it is sufficiently diluted with water or a fruit juice as it is too acidic for most people to drink straight.

Given that it's a traditional remedy and not a medicine, there are no official guidelines on how to consume it. Most people choose to stir between 1 tsp - 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water.

What makes Manuka Doctor’s Apple Cider Vinegar different?

As well as the wellbeing properties of Apple Cider Vinegar, our Manuka Doctor product has an extra special ingredient. Manuka Honey with a 300 MGO rating.

Methylglyoxal or MGO for short, is a naturally occurring compound found in Manuka Honey and is derived from DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is naturally present in the nectar of the Manuka Bush. Manuka Honey is widely known for its special Antimicrobial properties. Antimicrobials can fight and kill certain types of bacteria.

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