Want to save money with Hive Points? Here’s how…

Want to save money with Hive Points? Here’s how…

You might have noticed something new from Manuka Doctor in the past few months!

That’s because our new loyalty scheme launched on the 1st September 2020 where you will now automatically earn Hive Points every time you shop with Manuka Doctor online, by phone or by sending a cheque in the post.

Earn automatically as you spend

For every 10p you spend on products you will earn 1 Hive Point. So £1 earns you 10 points. £10 earns you 100 points. £100 earns you 1,000 points and so on. (Hive Points are not earned on shipping costs).

You will also be able to earn Hive Points for taking actions such as liking us on Facebook or Instagram (100 free points) or signing up to our email list (200 free points). You will be able to see these extra Loyalty Hive Missions when you log into your account (so we know who to allocate the points to).

If you refer a new customer whose first order is over £40 then you will receive a huge 2,000 points and they will also get 15 per cent off. Simply generate a unique link to give your friend, available when you log into your Loyalty Hive account.

For more information on how to refer a friend and earn extra Hive Points please click here.

But what about spending my points?

You will need to reach 100 points before you can start exchanging them for money off.

Keep an eye on your Hive Points balance by logging in here

100 Hive Points is equivalent to a £1 discount off an order.

500 Hive Points will be worth £5 off your order

1000 Hive Points will be worth £10 off your order.

10,000 Hive Points will be worth a £100 discount.

And remember, you can use Hive Points on ANY product we sell.

You’ll need to deduct your Hive Points at the checkout stage, they are not automatically applied so you will need to log-in and apply your discount at the end of your order.

If you are logged in, you will see a small slider graphic at checkout page, which you can move from left to right to apply some, or all, of your Hive Points.

Remember you can’t use your Hive Points and a discount code in the same order.

What are people saying about Hive Points?

"I love the fact that as customers we are awarded points for our loyalty in purchasing Manuka Doctor products and it’s so easy to redeem our hive points too. It’s very much appreciated, thank you."
H Nock
"The new loyalty scheme is great. I have used it to buy Manuka honey that is much better than before you only could use points on beauty products. Now you can use points to buy all of products you want on website. Love it."
D Thu
"I feel the Hive Points are very effective as they allow me to buy the products I will use but at a cheaper cost which makes them much more affordable to buy."
T Qurban

To find out more about Hive Points, visit our Loyalty section here 

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