THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW: Hilary Jones answers your questions

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Dr Hilary Jones

Manuka Doctor is proud to have a long-standing association with TV’s Dr Hilary Jones. Now as part of his busy schedule, Dr Hilary will be writing a guest blog for this website every month.

Author views are not our own.

Here at Manuka Doctor we are proud to have a long-term relationship with TV medic Dr Hilary Jones MBE.

Recently Dr Hilary took the time to answer some of your questions about Manuka honey, and many other health questions.

Here are some of the highlights.

  1. Does honey help calm the throat and help stop the cough that I have with Asthma?

Hilary says “The smooth consistency of honey coupled with its known anti-microbial qualities enable it to calm a sore throat caused by viral or bacterial infection. There is scientific evidence to support this, and it is endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care excellence as a first-line therapy. It can be taken in its natural form or as a lozenge. The cough caused by asthma is the result of spasm in the bronchial airways and therefore honey will not be effective for treating this.”

  1. If you put the honey in something hot does it stop the benefits of it?

Hilary says “Making a hot drink using honey is fine but avoid boiling the water as boiling is likely to diminish most of the anti-microbial properties of the product. It will still taste nice however at 70 degrees.”

  1. How much honey is best to have a day for maximum effect?

Hilary says “This depends on why you are taking it. Provided the MGO number of the honey is significant 1 to 2 tablespoons a day in divided doses should be sufficient. However, bear in mind the energy content especially if you are watching the calories or are diabetic.”

  1. Is it worth buying the honey under 340 MGO?

Hilary says: “MGO stands for methylglyoxal the substance which confers the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey. The higher the MGO number the greater the power it has to fight germs.  My preferred choice is 540 MGO.”

  1. Hilary has been consistently good throughout it all. Doesn’t get involved in all the rubbish Breakfast tv politics and tells it like it is. There’s an Indian strain so let’s have information on that please

Hilary says “The Indian variant is probably 20 to 30% more transmissible than the previous dominant strain. However, it seems that it is just a susceptible to the vaccine so that makes the vaccination rollout more important than ever. International aviation travel brought it to our shores so let’s just hope the government finally gets a handle on controlling the virus at our borders.”

  1. Do we need to keep using hand sanitiser all the time even when we’ve been vaccinated?

Hilary says: “Yes. Vaccination alone does not give 100% protection and the protection may wane unless we have boosters in the future. Hands can transmit all sorts of germs not just coronavirus, so hand sanitising and hand washing is a good habit to practice.”

  1. Is there a more natural way of protecting yourself against covid than having to rely on an untested brand new vaccine?

Hilary says: “If there was an effective natural way of protecting ourselves against COVID-19 I would be shouting it from the rooftops. There is not. Vaccination is incredibly safe and highly tested with tens of millions of doses already given worldwide. Contrary to popular belief the way vaccines work is quite natural anyway. Our bodies are constantly challenged by micro-organisms and antigens and our immune systems respond to them and keep us protected. Vaccines do the same just in a highly measured and controlled way.”

  1. Is it worth taking Vitamin D to protect against Covid?

Hilary says “Vitamin D is worth taking during the winter months anyway as it supports immunity. The jury is still out on whether it can protect against coronavirus but there’s no harm done anyway taking it in recommended dosage during the winter.” 

  1. How is it best to take Manuka honey? I see people putting it in drinks but can you just take it off the spoon directly?

Hilary says: “Manuka honey is incredibly versatile and can be taken any way you wish. It can be enjoyed directly off the spoon put in sandwiches or on breakfast yoghurt or cereal and as you say dissolved in a drink as a hot toddie or a smoothie. I’m surprised a Manuka honey recipe book has not yet been written.”

  1. Is Manuka honey really worth the money?

Hilary says: “Yes. You get what you pay for. There are many poor imitations which are cheaper but if you’re looking for quality taste and a product that is scientifically proven to do what it says on the label then I am always happy to pay a little bit more for Manuka Doctor.”

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