The best way to include Bee Pollen in your daily diet

The best way to include Bee Pollen in your daily diet

Bee Pollen is one of the unsung heroes of our great range of honey products.

If you’re new to Bee Pollen, it comes in granules which can be easily sprinkled over your food or mixed in for that healthy little extra something!

So what is bee pollen? Well, pollen is collected by bees on their hind legs when landing on flowers to gather nectar. The bees carry this pollen back to their beehives where it is deposited and forms large granules. When the bee keeper collects the honey, they also collect the Bee Pollen granules, which are then carefully dried to preserve maximum nutritional content, and then packed into our jars.

And now the important question, how does it taste? Bee Pollen has a nutty flavour, granulated texture and beautiful golden colour. It adds a light crunch to breakfasts and yoghurts and a savoury twist to recipes and smoothies.

Most people like to mix our Bee Pollen into other foods like breakfast cereals, porridge, yogurt and some make healthy smoothies with it.

Several of our customers tell us that they like to put a spoonful of Bee Pollen into their honey to create a tasty spoonful of crunch and sweetness too.

Bee Pollen

Others prefer to simply chew their bee pollen by itself. Ultimately, it is up to you how you consume your pollen. It is an extremely versatile health food and can be chewed, blended, mixed or swallowed.

Our Bee Pollen is consistently rated highly on our website too. You can read what our customers say about our Bee Pollen below:

"I love it, it's soft little pollen and I taking them by spoonful of honey dipped in bee pollen as it's just stuck to it nicely. Very impressed with all the Manuka goods"
Landa S
"I am adding bee pollen to my porridge in the morning and adds to the flavour as I have not finished the pot yet I cannot give a final review but so far I believe it is a health benefit as I take Manuka honey twice a day so a combination of them must be doing me a lot of good as I am seventy four and very active so I will recommend them highly."
Robert S
"My husband takes Bee Pollen every day and says it keeps him fit and healthy and would recommend anyone to give it a try he mixing it with a spoonful of honey and water."
Jennifer O.

You can order Bee Pollen now by clicking this link.

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