Manuka Honey Water - BEE Inspired

Manuka Honey Water - BEE Inspired

Have you seen our new sparkling Manuka Water?

You can now get the great taste of Manuka and refreshing functional hydration at the same time.

That’s because each can of sparkling Manuka Water contains two teaspoons of Genuine Monofloral Manuka.

This makes it perfect as a natural soft drink, healthy packed lunch option, or alternative to fizzy drinks with artificial sugars.

The artesian water we use is New Zealand sourced, flowing to the land's surface from pressure in the rocks underground.

Plus as you’d expect from Manuka Doctor there are no added flavourings or colourings either.

Manuka Honey Water

But this Manuka Water is more than just a healthy drink. You can also keep some to hand to use it in your favourite cocktail and mocktail drinks this Summer.

Here are two of our suggested recipes for you to try:

Manuka PIMMS

The Classic PIMM'S cocktail given a Manuka make over. Served with fresh seasonal fruit and mint for a summer refresher.


180ml Pimms

2 x Manuka Doctor Manuka Water Cans

Dry Ginger Ale

Ice, Cucumbers, Orange  &/or Strawberries plus Mint  to serve

How to make

Fill a jug with ice then add sliced strawberries, cucumber and orange

Add equal parts Manuka Doctor Water and Dry Ginger Ale

Add 180ml Pimms, stir well.

Add Mint. Enjoy!

Berry Spritzer

This simple blend of fruit, natural sweeteners, tea and soda is a simple evening drink or an afternoon surprise pick me up during the work week.


2 tablespoons of Manuka Doctor 100 MGO honey

1 can of Manuka Water

2 berry tea bags

1 cup boiling water

1 orange, washed and cut into thin slices

Chilled soda water and ice

How to make

Make the tea with boiling water and 2 tea bags. Leave to infuse for minimum of 5 minutes. Add the honey so it dissolves making a syrup once cooled. Dilute with chilled soda and Manuka Water then serve over ice with freshly sliced orange.

You can pick up a can of our new Sparkling Manuka Water here:

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