New Limited Edition 1100 MGO Manuka – while stocks last!

New Limited Edition 1100 MGO Manuka – while stocks last!

When our Head Beekeeper in New Zealand told us his team had harvested a batch of Manuka with an extremely high MGO rating, we couldn’t wait to see it first-hand.

And now after five rounds of testing we’re ready to reveal our most special product to you.

1100 MGO Manuka Honey

This limited edition batch of Manuka honey has an MGO strength rating of 1100 MGO. That’s the highest we’ve ever harvested from our hives.

To mark its special qualities, every 250g jar of this batch will be sent in limited edition packaging with a gatefold box.

You see, most of the Manuka honey we harvest in New Zealand has an MGO between 30 to 340 milligrams per kilogram. And we know some of our more remote bee-hive locations can harvest honey in the high hundred MGO level, and even up to 1,000 milligrams per kilogram.

Even that 1000 MGO level is rare, but now this batch smashes our record with an MGO content of 1100 milligrams of Methylglyoxal per kilogram which is the highest we have ever seen at Manuka Doctor.

This particular batch comes from a remote area of mountainous land owned by our founder which is almost completely untouched by humans. Our communities of bees are left to do their job just as nature intended, foraging in the Manuka bushes which cover the mountain. Our expert beekeeping team visit every few weeks to check on the progress of the hives.

There are multiple reasons why this location has produced such a potent honey but our team say the high temperature in the area, combined with a low level of moisture in the soil has helped create the perfect conditions for the bees to develop this special Manuka honey.

While we can’t reveal the exact location of the beehives that created this high strength batch, those customers who are lucky enough to buy it will be able to see the test certificates from an independent lab that proves its strength.

Simply visit this page on our website and enter the batch number printed on the side of the pot to see the test results.

Finally, our Winter in the UK is a bright sunny Summer over in New Zealand – meaning the hardest-working members of the Manuka Doctor team (our honeybees!) are hard at work right now foraging and creating honey – hopefully as pure and strong as this limited edition batch.

To buy a jar for yourself, or someone special, visit this page now – or give our customer services team a call on 01455 89 59 59.

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