How much Manuka honey should I take?

How much Manuka honey should I take?

One of the more common questions we get asked at Manuka Doctor HQ is “how much Manuka honey should I take?”

This is an interesting topic which this blog will explore.

Manuka Honey

How much should I take?

Firstly there is no set dose for Manuka.

Because Manuka honey is classified as a food and not a medicine we instead recommend a serving size which is written on the side of all our jars.

The ideal serving per day of our Manuka Doctor honey is 21g. This roughly equates to a tablespoon daily – because Manuka honey is a heavy substance!

Or if you prefer, you could take approximately 3 teaspoons per day.

Some customers like to spread their Manuka throughout their meals. Starting the day with a teaspoon mixed into hot drinks or drizzled over their breakfast, and then another before bed time to help sooth a throat before you go to sleep.

If you stuck to a 21g per day serving, then one of our large 500g jars would last you just over three weeks (23 days) or longer depending on how you load up your spoon.

Manuka Honey on Bread

I am taking a higher MGO rating, should I take less?

While the serving recommendations remain the same regardless of MGO level, yes many customers do feel they need to take a smaller amount of our higher MGO ratings.

That’s because these grades can taste stronger, and some customers feel they need less amount to consume the same amount of MGO.

Ultimately this will be dependent on every customer’s taste to decide how much is right for you.

Manuka Honey

Can I take too much?

While there is no set upper limit to how much Manuka you can take, you should exercise caution and restraint with such a tasty product! Remember all honey contains high levels of natural sugar, so those with sensitivities should be careful not to take more than the suggested daily serving. If you are in doubt over a pre-existing health condition or diagnosis then contact your healthcare professional.

Can anyone eat Manuka honey?

Yes! The only restriction is for babies under 1 year old which is standard for all honey. That’s because honey may contain natural compounds which an infant's developing digestive system can't handle.

I have a question which isn’t answered here. What shall I do?

Our customer care team will be happy to help. Simply call 01455 89 59 59 or email where our team will be happy to discuss with you.

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