5 Ways to Help Minimise Facial Redness this Winter

5 Ways to Help Minimise Facial Redness this Winter

Cold, Winter weather can play havoc with those prone to facial redness. Dry cold air is harsh on skin and often triggers flare-ups and flushing.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep skin well moisturised. Cold weather and dry central heating can make skin tight and itchy.  Use a fragrance free moisturiser such as the Manuka Doctor Clarifying Moisturiser to calm, sensitive skin.

“This moisturiser has achieved what multiple others have failed to do and that is have a dramatic impact on the condition of my skin. I have suffered a red, itchy, blotchy rash for the last 20 years and nothing would remove it. This clarifying moisturiser has had a superb effect and dramatic, sustained impact on my skin. The rash has faded away with absolutely no recurrence of the distracting itch. I would highly recommend in fact would go well beyond that and say it’s a perfect treatment for your skin.” Graeme S
Other tips to avoiding facial redness include covering up your face when outdoors to protect your complexion from the cold. Wearing layers so you can remove one by one as you feel warmer, as rosacea or reddened skin is often triggered by feeling hot.

Avoid boiling hot drinks and wear a sunscreen even in the Winter, as UV rays are a major trigger for rosacea and can also damage the skin causing more facial redness.

Since finding out about the benefits of the Manuka Doctor Clarifying Moisturiser and Clarifying Serum, our customers can’t speak highly enough of the products for their reddened skin.

“Really made a difference. Been struggling with mild rosacea for years and I really noticed a difference!! Definitely will be buying again. Thank you!” Martha A (Clarifying Moisturiser)

“It worked (Clarifying Serum) to improve redness in couple days in my case, recommended.” Leo P

“I have rosacea on my cheeks which means I get redness, tiny broken veins and annoying little spots and bumps which are difficult to cover up. Since I have been using this serum, my redness is much, much better and the acne cleared up totally. It seems to have a nice cooling effect and I let it dry/sink in before putting moisturiser on top. I will Read more about review stating Definitely seems to be helping me! Be keeping this in my routine from now on.” Kat (Clarifying Serum)

Don’t just take our customers word for it, the Manuka Doctor Clarifying Moisturiser and the Clarifying Serum have both been clinically proven to help calm skin and reduce redness(1).

An independent trial of 30 volunteers with rosacea / reddened skin evaluated the effectiveness of this fragrance-free calming moisturiser and Clarifying Serum twice daily over 4 weeks. 97% agreed the Moisturiser calmed skin after 14 days use whilst a reduction in redness was noticed after 28 days use (87%). 90% agreed their skin felt soft and smooth after 14 days.

97% noticed a reduction in redness after 28 days use of the Serum, skin also felt improved and younger looking (90% agreed skin looked younger looking after 14 days use).

100% agreed their skin looked smooth and the Serum protected their skin after 28 days use. 90% agreed the Serum calmed their skin after 28 days use and 87% agreed the Serum was instantly soothing on their skin after the first application.

The amazing natural properties of these light-weight anti-redness skincare products means that they are full of skin feeding prebiotics which have proven time and time again to be of great benefit to those suffering from facial redness.

Natural prebiotic ingredients Manuka honey and Chicory root, help to re-balance the skin to promote a healthier looking complexion. The MGO found in Manuka honey gives it greater antimicrobial properties than other honeys, which means it’s better able to fight skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Being anti-inflammatory, it can also help soothe red, irritated skin.

In the moisturiser, Blackcurrant seed oil helps to protect, strengthen and promote healthier looking skin. An extract from the Larch tree and Hyaluronic Acid help to keep skin hydrated and Gardenia Tahitensis flower extract and Coconut oil both help reduce inflammation. Coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties also help protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

The Serum features Aloe Vera to increase moisture and rejuvenate skin while acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory, soothing and reducing redness and irritation. Hyaluronic Acid helps to maintain moisturised and firm skin and Allantoin, a well-documented anti-inflammatory ingredient, helps reduce redness by improving the skin’s barrier.

As well as what we put into our products, it’s also important to consider what we’ve left out – SLS, SLES, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Siloxanes, Aluminium, DEA, MEA.

“I love the lightness of these scent free textures, a sensitive skin needs support from the right type of ingredients, not just thick rich products which might overpower the skin”
Recommended by Celebrity Facialist - Abigail James

To top it off, Manuka Doctor’s Clarifying Moisturiser was awarded within the ‘Best Honey Based Category’ at the Global Green Beauty Awards and the Serum has been tried and tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Manuka Doctor skincare products are made with sustainable and genuine Manuka honey, certified by the New Zealand Government to an incredibly high standard providing you with the most pure and reliable natural ingredients all the way from our hives to your home.

For more information on our anti-redness products, you can find out more here

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Article References
  1. An independent clinical trial of 30 volunteers with rosacea or reddened skin.
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