Find My Batch is an online service provided by Manuka Doctor. This service allows you to trace the test certificate of your purchased Manuka Doctor honey so you can be rest assured of its quality and MGO rating. At Manuka Doctor we pride ourselves on the quality of our Mānuka honey and we would like to pass on our confidence and assurance to you.

We work closely with our beekeepers in New Zealand to ensure that every batch of our honey is traceable back to the source hive where the bees have made it. Our Mānuka honey is tested a number of times after its been collected to ensure it meets the high Manuka Doctor quality standards.

Firstly our honey is tested by New Zealand Government Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) authorised laboratories in New Zealand. The MPI tests are to ensure our honey is Mānuka honey and has meet the MPI's scientific definition. The MPI Mānuka honey definition is made up of a combination of 5 attributes (4 chemicals from nectar and 1 DNA marker from Mānuka pollen) and splits Mānuka honey into a premium monofloral or an everyday multifloral Mānuka honey. This is essential to maintain New Zealand Mānuka Honey's premium position and so giving Manuka Doctor customers the assurances needed to be confident that they are buying Authentic and Genuine New Zealand Mānuka Honey.

When the Mānuka Honey arrives in our UK distribution Centre, each pallet has samples randomly selected and sent to the Food Environment Research Agency (FERA) for further testing. FERA tests for the Methylglyoxal (MGO) rating ensuring its true to label and issues certificates accordingly. These samples sent are identified by batch code and this code can be found on the left hand edge of the label on your pot of Manuka Doctor honey. Entering this number into "Find My Batch" will automatically display your relevant FERA MGO test certificate.

If you have any questions regarding our Find My Batch service or any of the testing procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us at

To read more about the UK Government agency FERA please click on this link.

To read more about the NZ Government agency Ministry of Primary Industries please click on this link.

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