Manuka Honey and CBD – What’s the buzz about?

Claire Perry - Manuka Doctor Product Expert

Claire leads our Product Development Team, ensuring that our products are truly natural and effective. With more than 20 years experience in the health and beauty industry, she is one of the industry’s most experienced Manuka Honey Experts.

We know Manuka honey is one of the biggest wellness trends in the world, but what other of the many new trends are worth considering to support you this Winter?

CBD – or Cannabis Oil - has been a huge buzzword in natural health in recent years.

For those new to buying CBD, it can be tough to know where to start and what to look for to determine that you’re purchasing a high quality, legitimate CBD product.

But now it’s possible to get the unique properties of CBD and Manuka honey together in one single product that’s Independently Tested and backed by Healthcare Professionals.

Where do I start?

First off you can buy three types of CBD – full spectrum (whole plant), broad spectrum and isolate.

  • Full spectrum contains a range (usually at least 5 or 6) different cannabinoids and terpenes, including a very small, legal amount of THC that is not enough to get you “high”.
  • Broad spectrum is similar, although often with fewer cannabinoids and zero THC.
  • CBD isolate products contain just the CBD molecule on its own meaning it is a pure version of the natural raw ingredient which is legal to buy, safe to take, and does not get you “high”.

CBD can be taken in the form of an oil, a vitamin or chewable gummy supplement, or used in skincare, creams, sprays and tinctures.

How does it work?

According to Health Editor and CBD expert Ruby Deevoy “Most cannabinoids like CBD are pleiotropic [1] – which means they boast multiple mechanisms via a variety of molecular pathways.

“What’s more, its effects are biphasic [2] (meaning it might have one effect at a lower dose and another at a higher dose) and adaptogenic.

“There’s even evidence to suggest that CBD may work differently in the body depending on the unique needs of the user [3].

“But regardless of these facts, not all CBD is made equal – you’re only going to experience the potential of CBD with products that are science-backed, high quality and ideally paired with ingredients that have equally well known wellness properties.”

So, how do you know which brand to trust and ultimately buy from?

Introducing Manuka Pharm

Manuka Pharm is our new brand which offers Manuka + CBD products, combining these two super-ingredients together.

You can be confident that every single Manuka Pharm product is tested and certified to guarantee its purity and strength, using independent laboratories and random batch checks. Just like our Manuka honey itself.

Every Manuka Pharm product contains zero per cent THC and is made with a potent and pure CBD isolate, the main active compound of CBD. Which can be traced right back to its natural source.

As recommended by Dr Zoe Williams

The range is proudly backed by Doctors and experts from different health and wellbeing fields including TV’s Dr Zoe Williams who have checked our formulations and approve the brand.

Finally, every Manuka Pharm product also contains our own Genuine Manuka honey from our New Zealand beehives, the same high quality and pure grade which we sell in jars.

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