Take Manuka on the go with our handy Squeezable Bottle

Take Manuka on the go with our handy Squeezable Bottle

As we approach Summer the UK’s lockdown rules are relaxing. Meaning that holidays in the UK will soon be permitted.

Whether you will be camping, caravanning, or renting a holiday property, there’s one thing which we feel is essential to pack. Your Manuka honey!

Most of us Brits like to pack homely products when they travel. Be that teabags, marmite, instant coffee or biscuits.

But if you’re taking your Manuka honey every day at home – then don’t forget to take it along with you when you travel either.

And now there is no need for sticky spoons and remembering to put the lid back on.

Because Manuka Doctor’s Squeezable Manuka Honey is perfect for taking with you, thanks to its non-drip cap, and easy squeezy action.

And just like all our other Manuka honeys, our Squeezy Bottle is packed in New Zealand in our state-of-the-art facility in the country’s North Island, using 100 grade MGO monofloral honey from our own Manuka Doctor bee hives.

But how does it pour?

Our Squeezy Manuka Honey is stirred for slightly longer before packing, which allows it to be runnier in consistency, and therefore more easily squeezed onto your breakfast or into a cuppa.

Here’s some customer reviews of our 100 MGO Squeezy Manuka:

"Great tasting honey, Definitely recommend it, easy to use squeezable bottle very convenient, no sticky hands" Siddiqua E.

"This tastes amazing and it’s so convenient being in a squeezy container. I take a teaspoonful every morning and have for about 5 years." Rhona D.

"I'm always pleased with Manuka Doctor quality, this is a nice flavoured quality honey and very convenient to use in the squeezable container. I have some on my cereal every morning." Valerie T.

Wherever you are heading this season, stay safe and have fun.

You can check out our current offers here.

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