Say Goodbye to Blemishes with Nature’s Manuka Honey & Propolis

Say Goodbye to Blemishes with Nature’s Manuka Honey & Propolis

If you thought you’d said goodbye to spots many years ago but they have suddenly made a re-appearance, you’re probably questioning why? As we age, wrinkles aren’t the only skin concern we might be dealing with. Spots often occur in later life and are particularly common amongst women going through the menopause. A drop in oestrogen upsets the delicate testosterone-oestrogen balance in the body causing blemishes to appear. Stress is also a culprit: a particular stress hormone forces the skin to increase oil production which can also lead to a breakout.

All is not lost. Thanks to the wonder of nature, you don’t have to revert to the topical acne cream isle in your local supermarket or pharmacy, as these can leave skin dry and irritated. There are plenty of natural solutions for blemish prone skin.

Honey and propolis could be exactly what your skincare regime needs. We all know that bees make honey from nectar but what you might not know is that they also make a substance called propolis from tree sap and buds. Propolis has long been considered to have medicinal properties, with ancient civilisations using it for everything from treating wounds to embalming mummies. More recently Propolis has been used in skincare formulas to help actively reduce inflammation.

The importance of honey has also been documented in the world’s oldest medical literatures and since ancient times it has been known to possess antimicrobial property as well as wound-healing activity. The healing property of honey is because it offers antibacterial activity, maintains a moist wound condition and its high viscosity helps provide a protective barrier to prevent infection.

It’s the combination of these antibacterial ingredients and the fact that they’re gentle on skin, which explains why Manuka honey and Propolis have been hailed as hero ingredients for helping acne sufferers, especially adult acne sufferers who might also be dealing with dehydrated skin and fine lines at the same time as trying to combat breakouts. Both ingredients can be found in our customer-favourite, the Manuka & Tea Tree Antiseptic Gel.

Some over-the-counter treatments can have negative side effects on the skin like dryness and skin peeling, so there’s a need to find less irritating but effective solutions.

Manuka honey is both moisturising and antimicrobial meaning that it not only fights bacteria, it hydrates and soothes skin too. Its high sugar content means it prevents most microorganisms from growing by limiting the available water plus the antibacterial compound called methylglyoxal (MGO) increases the antibacterial effect.

As for propolis, it has a high level of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant, and can have anti-fungal properties too.

It’s the antioxidant properties that make it appealing for more mature consumers as antioxidants can help to neutralise free radicals, which are associated with accelerating the ageing process in skin.

When choosing effective blemish busting products, always look for non-comedogenic certified formulations. They are free from ingredients known to clog up pores, which can increase the prevalence of acne.

Our blemish products have been developed specifically for skin prone to spots and blemishes, these skincare formulations feature a carefully selected blend of ingredients to aid the renewal of damaged skin cells, nurture cell regeneration and help eliminate blemishes, as well as helping to fade and reduce acne and scarring.

It is essential to cleanse the skin to remove away makeup, dirt and excess oil. Our Foaming Cleanser reveals clearer skin that is free from the daily build-up of impurities and makeup.

Tip - never forget to remove your makeup before bed, this will definitely help prevent blocked pores. If you know you are having a late night, get the products out ready before you go out.

Tip – Indulge once or twice per week in a deep cleansing mask with our celebrity favourite Purifying Facial Peel. This will exfoliate and help reduce blackheads to reveal a radiant, plumped and silky soft complexion.

Serums are great at targeting specific needs, as well as hydrating the skin without clogging pores. Our Treatment Serum contains blemish busting Manuka honey, Purified Bee Venom and hydrating Hyaluronic acid.

Tip - Apply to freshly cleansed, dry skin and allow to absorb before applying your moisturiser.

Our Facial Moisturising Lotion with Purified Bee Venom instantly refreshes skin and enhances the complexion's natural glow, whilst maintaining an optimal balance of oil and moisture. It has been developed specifically for blemish prone skin so is light and non-greasy.

It is recommended that 8 glasses of water are consumed a day to keep the body hydrated. Hydrate equals feel great.

Tip - Sanitize your phone regularly! Remember your mobile phone is often very close to your face and is likely to be covered in a whole host of bacteria from your hands! It’s obvious but do wash your hands regularly and avoid taking your phone with you whilst visiting the restroom! Ew!

A consistent and healthy diet is the easiest way to fabulous skin. As well as eating your 5 a day, foods with Vitamin C such as broccoli, oranges, sweet potatoes can help keep your skin looking and feeling great. Manuka Honey can also be great as a natural alternative to refined sugar and can be used in smoothies and in green tea. If you feel as though your diet needs a nutritional boost, try our Blemish Bee-Free food supplement which works from within and combines, Zinc, Burdock Root, Freeze Dried Manuka Honey Powder, Propolis Extract and Yellow Dock Root Extract for a blemish free complexion.

Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol and processed foods can lead to breakouts! Hormones and food allergies can also contribute to blemishes so if you are worried about this, speak to your GP.

Promote overall health and get your blood flowing, you’ll soon notice a glowing complexion.

Tip - Always cleanse your face straight after exercise to prevent clogged pores.

Spots will naturally work their way out of the skin's pores. Squeezing can not only lead to inflammation and scarring but can cause more spots due to the transferring of bacteria from your hands to your face!

Tip - If you sense a breakout appearing pop on some of our best-selling Manuka & Tea Tree Antiseptic Gel containing propolis, one of the most popular ingredients for reducing spots & blemishes.

You will always see the benefits in your skin from a good nights’ sleep. Tip - change your pillowcase to 100% silk or cotton and wash at least weekly for fresh skin.

Tip - wash your hair frequently and keep your fringe clipped away off your forehead whenever possible.

Tip - sleep with your hair in a braid to prevent overheating and oil transfer.

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