Our Big Spring Sale starts today

Our Big Spring Sale starts today

It’s the first of April 2023 and that means Manuka Doctor’s latest BIG SPRING SALE has begun!

Starting today, you can now grab some of these amazing deals on our Genuine Manuka honey, skincare, supplements and immunity products. Right up until the end of the month.

With up to 70 per cent off – there are some fantastic bargains to be had in all of our categories.

In fact with more than 50 different products included, this is set to be one of our biggest sales EVER.

You can enjoy these special prices up until the end of the month including:

HONEY DEAL OF THE MONTH – our customer favourite 70 MGO Manuka in our large 500g jar is down to just £21. That’s a huge 70 per cent off the RRP of £70, saving you £49.

HIGH STRENGTH HERO – the ever-popular Max Strength range is also on sale in April. With the 640 MGO and 840 MGO 250g jars down to just £27 and £36 – both saving you 70 per cent off the RRP.

SKINCARE SAVIORS – with nine different products on offer there’s sure to be something to suit every skin type. From Manuka Oils, to moisturising Day Creams, Night Creams and Eye Creams. Browse our award winning range to stock up on your favourites, or try something new from only £6.

SUPPLEMENTS AND MORE – Five of Manuka Doctor’s most popular vitamin formulas are included in this month’s sale. From Bee Flex to Tummy Bee Calm. Or our latest Men’s and Women’s formulas. Starting from just £7.50.

TREATS AND GIFTS – Have you tried Manuka Doctor’s new honey popcorn? Toothpaste? Or Luxury Hand Wash or Hand Cream? All are available to buy this month, or gift to a friend or loved one.

Simply order online or call our Customer Order number on 01455 89 59 59 to talk to one of our advisors.

And remember, you can also use your Hive Points to save even more money. You will have earned Hive Points for order made since September last year. To login and check, simply follow this link.

Still undecided? You can view our special April Sales Brochure online by clicking here.

Where you can read about all of the fantastic Manuka Doctor products on offer this month.

Shop Featured Products
Manuka Doctor 70 MGO Manuka Honey 500g
Mānuka honey
70 MGO Mānuka Honey 500g

£21.00 was £70.00

640 MGO Mānuka Honey 250g - Monofloral Sale
Mānuka honey
640 MGO Mānuka Honey 250g - Monofloral

£27.00 was £90.00

840 MGO Mānuka Honey 250g - Monofloral Sale
Mānuka honey
840 MGO Mānuka Honey 250g - Monofloral

£36.00 was £120.00

Bee-Flex Sale

£5.00 was £15.00

Tummy Bee Calm Sale
Tummy Bee Calm

£7.50 was £15.00

Manuka Honey Toothpaste
Manuka Protect
Manuka Honey Toothpaste


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