Manuka Middles are back

Manuka Middles are back

Since we launched Manuka Middles in the Summer of 2020 these tasty Lozenges have gone on to become one of the best selling Manuka Doctor products we sell.

In fact this Winter they’ve been selling so fast we temporarily went out of stock. But don’t worry, from December Manuka Middles are now back with the same great price of £3 for a 100g bag.

But why are Manuka Middles so popular?

One reason customers love our Middles Manuka Lozenges is the smooth, runny Manuka honey in the middle of every lozenge.

Other Manuka Honey lozenges, Manuka Honey Drops or throat sweets are more like a boiled sweet that you suck, but Manuka Middles have been manufactured with real Manuka honey inside the core of the hard shell.

That means you can suck them, crunch them, or dissolve them in your mouth – the honey and lemon flavour is soothing on the throat until the final Manuka Honey centre is revealed.

Do they work?

The concept of Manuka honey for oral health has been studied. Research from 2004 showed that chewing or sucking a Manuka honey “sweet” helped improve oral health by reducing plaque, and gum-bleeding. With the researchers suggesting there may be a potential therapeutic role for manuka honey confectionery in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease (1).

Another reason for their popularity is that every bag of Manuka Middles contains 41.5mg of zinc. Consuming one per day will provide 15% of the daily recommended dosage of Zinc which helps contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

But of course, you don’t have to stick to just 1 per day! Many customers are telling us that Manuka Middles are a great treat to keep in your pocket or handbag when out for Winter walks. Just remember we don’t recommend them for children under 1 year old.

What’s special about Manuka Doctor’s Manuka Middles?

Every bag of Manuka Middles are made with 100 per cent certified New Zealand Manuka honey. We use the same pure Monofloral 300 MGO grade that we sell in jars for the inside centres of our Middles. With the outer coating being made with all natural colours and flavourings.

What do customers say?

“They are so addictive and I just love them knowing how good they are for me, always on my list when buying my honey”
Robert B
“First time I have been using them, they are nice, very good size and lovely honey inside them.”
Fatima L
“So yummy! I’m not overly keen on honey usually but this website educated me that different honey has different rates strengths etc, as honey is so good for you especially when ill I thought I’d give these a go. They are so delicious we just ate them! So I’m now ordering more, one bag for me one for him and one for a friend”
Mrs B

You can order Manuka Middles TODAY by clicking here



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