Manuka Doctor in the news

Manuka Doctor in the news

As we head into Winter many leading UK newspapers and magazines have been talking about the benefits of Manuka Honey and recommending both our honey and immunity products to their readers.

Firstly the Daily Express, Daily Mirror and Woman’s Own have all given glowing reviews to our Immune Defence Syrup. Praising how the formula works to help support immunity over the Winter period.

Next People’s Friend, TV Extra and Love Sunday have all fallen in love with our Manuka Middles lozenges! These fast-selling honey-sweets have gone onto become one of the best-selling items on our website in recent months, thanks to their great taste and addition of runny Manuka honey in the middle.



And finally, our new Squeezable Manuka honey has picked up good reviews – with the Daily Mail running a story on how Manuka can benefit your oral health.

We’re very thankful for the support of these magazines and to the journalists who have been enjoying many of our new products.

In addition to all our honey favourites, we’ve also seen several of our Manuka Skincare products in the press. With both our Facial Oils, Lip Enhancer and Facial Peel picking up positive press coverage in recent weeks.

Thanks to all our colleagues and contacts at UK newspapers, magazines, blogs and journals for their continued support of Manuka Doctor.

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