It’s Award Time Again!

September marks the arrival of the much-awaited shortlist for the beauty industry’s Pure Beauty Awards, and this year did not disappoint. Manuka Doctor has been shortlisted in not just one, but four categories!

Once again, the beauty industry has proven itself to be an outstanding example of innovation and creativity. With even more entries received this year and the standard higher than ever.” Pure Beauty

The Categories..

NEW Anti-Pollution Protective Primer has been shortlisted in the Best New Anti-Ageing Product category. Everyday pollutants increase premature ageing, resulting in a reduction in skin radiance, increased sensitisation and a gritty, grimy feeling on the skin. NEW Anti-Pollution Protection Primer provides a powerful shield against environmental damage, whilst helping to reduce the appearance of pores and control shine.

Pollution is becoming more of a huge concern when it comes to skin health. Regular exposure to pollution results in skin sensitivity, inflammation, breakouts and premature ageing. Support skin with New Anti-Pollution skincare” Abigail James, Skincare Expert and Author

ApiClear Daily Defence SPF20 has been shortlisted in the Best New Skin Care Product category. Ultra-hard-working Daily Defence SPF20 beauty lotion perfects, primes and weightlessly hydrates, whilst acting as a shield to protect from external aggressors. A soft focus effect provides instant blurring to fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes and a matt, oil- free base. No need for separate moisturiser, primer and SPF lotion, this light multi-tasking beauty lotion does it all in one! Most probably why this clever multi-tasker was a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards held in Dubai earlier this year! Fingers crossed for a win this October on our home turf, London!

NEW Anti-Redness Protective Serum has been shortlisted in the Best New Skin Care Treatment category. Living in cities, excessive ultraviolet sunlight, antibiotics, fragrances and personal care products, can all alter the skin’s ecosystem. This in turn can lead to a weakening of the skin’s protective microbiota causing redness, acne, dry skin and premature ageing. Gentle skincare products such as the new Manuka Doctor fragrance-free Anti-Redness range help to protect and prevent the disruption of a healthy microbiota through the provision of natural prebiotic ingredients. 97% of trialists in a recent trial noticed a reduction in redness after 28 days.

A must for sensitive skins and an essential rescue product for all others” Recommended by Celebrity Facialist - Abigail James

Manuka Plus Collagen Queen has been shortlisted in the Best New Beauty Supplement category. An industry first, the NEW Manuka Plus Collagen Queen beauty supplement, combines 300 MGO Mānuka honey with responsibly sourced marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, vitamin C and selenium. This means that fans of Mānuka honey can now easily get their daily dose in a convenient one a day capsule with the added benefits of scientifically proven nutrients backed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).