Dr Hilary Jones and Manuka Doctor

Dr Hilary Jones and Manuka Doctor

Manuka Doctor has a long history of working with independent experts and we’re proud to count TV’s Dr Hilary Jones as a fan of the brand since 2018.

Hilary is a practicing GP and has been gracing the nation’s TV screens for more than 20 years.

Since our partnership begun, Hilary has featured in Manuka Doctor’s national advertising and on our website and social media recommending our Manuka honey.

During our last photoshoot Hilary told us: “I believe in Manuka honey and have been a fan of its properties for many years. Honey is one of nature’s oldest natural remedies, with emerging science showing that it has many potential uses in the body. I recommend Manuka honey to my patients and this is the brand of Manuka honey I trust.”

Of course, what makes Manuka Doctor honey different to others on the market is that our brand is harvested and packed in New Zealand itself, with each batch of honey tested five times before sale. An important point on which Hilary agrees:

“If you are buying Manuka honey, be sure to choose a brand that can trace their honey from hive to home, like Manuka Doctor. The greater the MGO number on the pot, the higher the rating.”

Manuka Doctor’s honey is all ranked on the MGO scale, standing for Methylglyoxal. With strength starting at 30 MGO and going all the way up to our maximum strength 1100 MGO variety.

Keep a look out for Hilary who will be appearing as an independent expert in Manuka Doctor’s advertising.

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