Sleeping Beauty. NEW Manuka Doctor Sleep Mask with Manuka Honey & Lavender Oil

A sleep mask is a great way to indulge your skin for the entire duration of your night time sleep so that the ingredients can really sink right in and work their magic. Just think you don’t have to remove your mask after half an hour whilst watching the clock or pray that you don’t have any unexpected visitors because you are caked in a thick mask and yet you still have the prospect of waking up with glowing, revived skin! It's genius and one of the latest industry skincare products to hit the high street and for good reason!

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What's more sleep is vital for beautiful skin. Let us explain the science behind it! A lack of sleep can create stressful conditions which raises the level of glycotoxins in the body. These glycotoxins deregulate the skin's natural systems responsible for the repair and protection processes that occur during sleep, consequently, this deregulation contributes to impaired cell function, tissue disruption and damaged micro-vessels. Basically, your skin can also look tired when you haven't slept well because it hasn’t been able to repair itself. Thankfully, our Manuka Doctor Overnight Mask contains the essential aromatherapy staple ingredient, Lavender Oil, which can actually help you relax and promote a restful night's sleep and smells absolutely heavenly.

"I really like this overnight mask. It smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and plump first thing in the morning!"Bethany, customer review

The Manuka Doctor Overnight Mask is really fab for slightly drier or aging skin and those with dark circles and dull skin who might normally opt for the ApiNourish range and facial oils. It works really well in combination with using the ApiNourish Hydrating Cleanser first, the award-winning ApiNourish Age Defying Eye Cream and then finally applying the Overnight Mask on top before hopping into bed. You could use the overnight mask two or three nights a week and when you particularly need a good night's sleep instead of your serum, eye cream and night cream routine or if you want to use something lighter than a richer and thicker overnight cream. The beauty of this 'serum-like' mask is that it also contains an extract from the Nopal plant, otherwise known as the Prickly Pear which helps with restoring the skin's natural exfoliation process and regenerating new skin whilst you sleep.

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"This mask smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated the next morning!"Rebecca, customer review

Our Manuka Doctor skin scientists have also added some Hyaluronic Acid to this mask, a key quality ingredient to boost skin hydration, increases firmness and refine the appearance of wrinkles. Other ingredients include Floral Nectar, Aloe Vera and Albizia Julibrissin Bark that help reawaken a dull looking complexion and promote the visible reduction of dark circles, under eye bags. Of course we have also included our authentic heritage ingredient New Zealand Manuka Honey, well known to help boost hydration and elastin, leaving the skin feeling moisturised and soothed.

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