Skin issues? Manuka Doctor provides the easy answer to keep on top of your skin care worries

From blemishes to fine lines or a dull complexion, we look to our skincare routine to combat our skin concerns.

Cristina is a busy, 26 year old IP specialist who shares with us some of her favourite Manuka Doctor products that achieved great results.

"I am lucky to have good skin, without acne, but still, just like everyone else I find myself with skin issues, such as pimples. My skin is always dry, sometimes with an oily T-zone bit. I also always have dark circles like a little panda bear." Cristina

Cristina's introduction to Manuka Doctor came via an Introductory Collection of our ApiClear products, which allowed her to try a selection of products from this blemish-fighting range.

"At the moment, I am using the ApiClear Purifying Collection which contains the Foaming Cleanser, the Moisturising Lotion and the Skin Treatment Serum; and then also the Replenishing Facial Oil and Rejuvenating Face Mask."

ApiClear Skincare

Cristina's daily skincare routine is focused around our ApiClear products. In the morning she cleanses her face with water and applies the Facial Moisturising Lotion. Cristina also uses our Skin Treatment Serum as a targeted application, applying to any problem areas.

"After a couple of minutes, I can apply my make-up because the skin is perfectly hydrated from the lotion."

At the end of the day, Cristina removes her make-up using the Foaming Facial Cleanser and then repeats her morning routine using the Facial Moisturising Lotion and Skin Treatment Serum.

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Our iconic Rejuvenating Face Mask is used as a weekly treatment, Cristina puts aside time to relax and pamper herself to complement the daily skincare routine.

"Sometimes, when my skin is extra dry, I use the Replenishing Facial Oil, which has such an amazing natural smell and makes the skin very soft. I am really in love with it."

Skin can often feel especially dry across autumn and winter with the appearance of the colder weather and changes to our environment as the central heating kicks in. In order to keep her skin hydrated, Cristina uses our Replenishing Facial Oil when she feels her skin needs a hydration boost.

"What I like the most about these products is the results after using them a couple of times. Last time I had a pimple outbreak, I used the Purifying collection and the "situation" got much better, I managed to get rid of both the redness and inflammation, so I could cover it easily until I got away with it for good, 2 days later!"

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"I would recommend all the products I’ve used so far, and the ApiClear Purifying Collection is great for dry skin too, since it also manages to hydrate the skin while treating your imperfections. The Replenishing Facial Oil is also amazing, it just feels great. The skin looks healthy, glowing and bright."

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